Having no idea where this will go, I now enter the world of blogging. As I rummage through my somewhat twisted brain for interesting conversation-starters, let me state very briefly how I'm approaching this and what anyone reading it might expect to find.

As a horror writer just launching his career on Kindle, I'll be posting things I think would be of interest to fellow writers pursuing that path. Beyond that, I'll be making it up as I go along. The emphasis will be on having fun and not being stodgy and boring. I'm a comedian by nature.  I like to laugh and make others laugh. So laugh we shall. I firmly believe that laughter is the medicine of the world, and that we could all use a heaping dose.

I read an interview with Kelsey Grammer once, where he talked about the pre-production phase of Frasier.  He and the creative team were discussing what the overall tone of the show should be, and Grammer said something to the effect that he wanted the show to "play up to the audience." In the relentless dumbing down of America, I love that. It's what I intend to do with my blog.

I also read something Ellen DeGeneres said when she was having the same type of  discussions during the conceptual stage of her show. "All I know is that there will be dancing." I love that too. So even though this is the blog of a horror writer, it's also the blog of a comedian, and there will be dancing.

When I started to get serious about a career as a horror writer, I thought about having two separate websites--one strictly for my book-related stuff, and the other for fun, lighthearted stuff. I even secured a domain name:  WelcometoBobWorld. Robert, serious. Bob, fun.  Get it? My concern was that I didn't want the humor to undermine my attempts to scare the bejeezus out of people. I didn't want to muddy the waters for potential readers. Finally I thought, the heck with that noise, for several reasons.

First of all, it's absurd to think that writing horror doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humor. Quite the opposite, I suspect. We all have countless aspects to ourselves, we're never just one thing: serious, sad, happy, whatever. If we can't have fun along the way, what's the point?

I also have never subscribed to the notion that readers have to be led by the hand to find the material you want them to find. Are you kidding me? That's condescending and arrogant nonsense. Readers are intelligent, well-informed people who are perfectly capable of figuring things out without my help.

The biggest reason for not having two websites, however, is that it would be far too much work. Seriously: after 25 years of marriage I can barely figure out where the Tupperware goes, and I'm gonna keep up with 2 websites?  Fuhgeddaboutit. If there are any potential readers of my books out there who would think, "He's just too funny for his horror books to be any good, I'll never buy any of his stuff," I'll just have to roll with it, and close with Rick Nelson's line from his hit song Garden Party:   "You can't please  everyone, so you got to please yourself."

So all you intelligent people with a good sense of humor, welcome aboard. Let's venture into the funhouse freak show that awaits in the Shadowland.

    "All the
    that's fit
    to print."
    San Francisco.  Me and my brother and two nephews were walking down the street, digging the scene, when I was suddenly overcome by the need to do the Bump with this funkmeister street musician.


    February 2013


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